Monday, October 11, 2010

Secrets from my protagonist

A little of Alice’s madness took over my mind as I tried to think. What, I wondered, should I ask Mr. Carroll about my craft?
He settled back in his chair and smiled an enigmatic smile that faded away to nothing. I thought of the cat he’d written about and realized I truly was in a mad world. I could only do as he’d suggested, watch those people I created. The time for questions was up.
I thought of one of my characters and watched him… tried to get inside his head.
I’ve known Tony Petrocelli for a few years now. Part of him had always been a mystery until I drifted to sleep beside Lewis Carroll’s desk.
I guess it was in a dream… (I have no other explanation for what goes on in this mad world of the rabbit hole). A dream where Tony told me everything. The parts of his life he’d hidden from me. The glory and adulation he found as a young football star. His dreams and hopes. Then the pain and anguish he’d endured as his life crashed around him. His battle with drugs that he used to dull his mind so he could survive another day. And how he found himself.
It was quite a conversation I had with my protagonist.
Then I remembered a line in one of Lewis Carroll’s books. 'What is the use of a book', thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversations?’
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