Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This past weekend I was watching "60 Minutes" and two stories struck me through the mirror in my rabbit hole. They seemingly had no connection but when looking at them in the morror they were about the same thing.
It seems that during the past decade people -- (really foreign governments who aren't our friends) have been hacking into our country's computers. This isn't your computer and mine it's the ones at the NSA and the DOD. They've not only broken in but lurked there for days scooping up secrets about our national defense and weapons systems. What did we hear from the past adminsitration in the White House -- "We're keeping you safe... There are no threats... etc. etc."
Then tennis great Andre Aggasi was interviewed by Katie couric and told the tale in his recently released book of a decade of drug use and hating tennis all the while smiling and being the proud champion on center court.
Facades? Or are they just plain lies? Isn't that what a facade is? A lie for all...
How many times and in what circumstances do we all put on this cloak of it's all right or I think you're a nice person? Our facade are meant to do the same thing. I think it's called deception.
Is it possible to be kind to others and not have a facade? Let's see? There was this guy once. Name was Jesus.

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