Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Kids

                                                                                     October 26, 2009
Last Tuesday in a writing critique group I belong to, one of the members, Angel, brought a poem. When she read the poem a second time I saw myself at age five in these lines…

“your adult body shelters that little boy
who whines and screams and stamps his feet…
these children lurk inside us
i’ve heard them squabbling –did too! did not!—”

After class I asked her if I could borrow an idea from it for this blog. She acquiesced. Thanks Angel! I’d been thinking, as I often do, about the all the stuff on the other side of the looking glass.

How pleasant life with each other would be if the kind and gentle nature of our child side would show itself… At least more often. I see it quite regularly in my great granddaughter… Is that Nirvana? Heaven is like the trusting goodness of little children (when left to their better natures…)? Hmmm…

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